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Google Play Music v7.2.4222-1.L Direct Apk For Android

Download Google Play Music v7.2.4222-1.L music player application for Google Android

It helps more than 35 million free songs and retail connect and register it with your music to enjoy unlimited uploads and no restrictions on the radio.

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Google Play Music “Music Player Google” one of the best music player that has ever been produced for the Android OS. With   You can use this app at any time to listen to your music with high quality and enjoy! With this program you can in case of lack of memory on the phone or tablet all the songs online store. Other features of the program include the ability to quickly search, store songs from the PC and create a personal library of music mentioned. Google is one of the famous bridge in the music market is where users can find any music from readers from all over the world and listen to.

Google Play Music by large companies and popular Google Inc launched Google Play Store and has been downloaded more than 1 billion times this store! The music player has a good rating of 3.9 out of 5. But a big name like Google behind it has caused a great record in the register to download from Google Play.

Features of Google Play Music

– Listen to unlimited songs

– Create custom radio from any song, artist or album

– Enjoy radio without limits

– Smart recommendations based on your tastes

– Ability to add 50,000 of your favorite songs

– Access your music from anywhere in the world (Play)

Version 7.2.4222-1.L

– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

Version 6.7.2711Z.2778153:

– The ability to play podcasts

The perfect podcast recommend you use Google’s voice assistant

– Automatically download the latest episodes of podcasts to the share

Version 6.7.2711Z.2778153:

– Improved search results with content and related topics

Improved connection with credit cards or other methods of payment

Version 6.3.2315V.2565869:

Unlimited virtual space as much as you need.

– Access to over 35 million songs without ads

– Access to the Google Play Music through Android and iOS and the web

Listen on your accounts at the same time

Enjoy Personal Experiences


  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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