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Google Photos v3.7.171902479 Direct Apk For Android

Download Google Photos 3.7.171902479 Google Android Apps

Manage smart photos and videos and search and organize them according to different parameters.The 4.4 score in Polestore from more than 3.5 million users is indicative of the usefulness of this app.

Google Photos is one of the programs designed and built by Google that has been pre-installed on all handsets and tablets running the Android 4.1 operating system, but given the company’s follow-up Google will improve its interface and increase the security and maintain your personal information and images. Newer versions of this application will be published as required, and now we will provide you the latest version. All the photos, videos, places, and their exact time are easily accessible to you and you can easily access them through this app! With the VISUAL SEARCH feature, you can search for images that you’ve taken at different places, and quickly achieve them all the way, for example, you’ve taken a photo in Hawaii and you do not need to find it anymore so that the clock Just look for it! Just add the Hawaiian word and find the one you want!

Updating this application and using its latest version is recommended and you can now download and install the latest required and essential software for your phone operating system from the essential updates section! We suggest that you do not miss the new version of Google Photos in any way.

Google Photos features

– Search your photos based on locations and components

– Backup all your photos and videos securely and privately

– Easily access your photos and videos on any device or on the web

– Create the assembly, collage, animation, landscape, etc. from your photos by pressing +

– Edit your photos with simple and powerful tools by applying filters, adjusting colors, and more

– Share 1500 photos with others each time

Changes Version 3.7.171902479

– Reduced video sharing time

Changes Version 3.3.0:

– Hide pictures from the original photo profile

– Photos archived in search, albums and in the new archive view are still available

Changes Version 3.0.0:

– Share suggestions

Changes Version 2.15.1:

– Create and print video books

– Hide photos from original photos like receipts , images, and notes

– Convenient access to archived photos

Changes Version 2.11.0:

– New tools and smart tools with dynamic filters to enhance image quality

– Advanced editing controls: Brightness, color, and more

– Make and edit more videos

Changes Version 2.2.0:

– Share photos quickly with any contact , email, orphone number

– Sort photos in album in chronological order

– Reorder multiple items in an album by selecting a photo and drag

– New shortcuts from app icons in Android N

– Create offline animations

Changes Version 1.22.0:

– Comment on photos in shared albums

– Add your photos to a shared album with a hit with clever suggestions

– Improved device folder performance

Changes Version 1.18.0:

– After an event or trip, this app will create a new album with the best of your photos

– Add maps, text, and more to the album

– Revert your changes when an image is undesirable

– Improved Burst images support

Changes Version 1.17.0:

– Introducing a better way for your storyboardingwith a clever album!

Changes Version 1.15.0:

– Improved overall program performance in the arm version

Changes Version 1.15.0:

– Tap on  to see all photos from that day when searching

– Performance improvements

Changes Version 1.12.0:

– Introducing shared albums – A new way to extract photos and videos with other people on Android, iOS, and the web.

To do this, just select the photo and tap the newalbum to display your album link.

– Share your entire photo privately

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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