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Intelligent management of photos and videos and search and organize them according to different parameters. 4.4 score in the Play Store by more than 3.5 million users demonstrate the usefulness of this program.

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Google Photos is a program that is designed and built by Google and on all phones and tablets that use the Android OS version 4.0 and above are pre-installed, but according to the follow-up of the company Google in connection with improved user interface and enhanced security of personal information and images you are doing so requires a newer version of the program released, and now the latest versions of it have at your disposal. All photos, videos, with the convenience of a touch location and the exact time to be at your disposal and you can easily get them through the app!

VISUAL SEARCH using the app can search for images taken at different locations and quickly access all of them in this way that you’ve taken a photo Hawaii, for example, you find it is no longer necessary hours Hawaiian word for it, just search for and find your desired image!

The program updates and the latest version is recommended and you can now last program requirements necessary to update the firmware on your phone to download and install necessary! We suggest that you do not miss any new version ofGoogle Photos.

Features Google Photos

– Search your photos by location and Components

Backing up all photos and videos secure and private

– Convenient access to your photos and videos on any device or the Web

Create a montage, collage, animation, panoramas, etc. from your photos by pressing the +

– Edit your photos with simple and powerful tool toapply filters, color adjustment, and more

– Share 1,500 shots per charge with others associated


– Bug fixes and performance improvements program version changes:

Comment on photos in shared albums

Add your photos to a shared album a hit with clever suggestions

Improved performance system folder version changes:

After an event or trip this program you will create a new album with the best photos

– Add maps, text, and more to album

Revert your changes when editing an image undesirable

– Improved support for Burst images version changes:

Introduce a better way for their storytelling with a smart album! version changes:

– Improved overall app performance Version arm version changes:

To see all the photos from that day when searching on tap

Performance improvements version changes:

– The introduction of shared albumsa new way toextract shared photos and videos with other people on Android, iOS and the web.

To do this, just select the photo and shared on thenew album, tap to link your album to be displayed.

Share all your photos private

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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