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Google Maps is one of the top software for Android OS is the location and route guide that detailed maps and satellite city that is exciting for everyone, and access to all the addresses …

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Google Maps – Navigation & Transit official Google app for Android phones and tablets are maps in the latest version has just been released for Android. This app helps you to track and easily find the easiest way possible. You can enter the appellation of origin or destination complete with pictures and descriptions, information about those places get. Google Maps is one of the top software for Android OS is the location and route guide that detailed maps and satellite city that is exciting for everyone, and access to all the addresses provides users with the. Details on Google maps you will not find in any other software. Given that Google Maps works online you no longer need to download large maps for different cities and countries again. In case of a specified area more than other places, this allows you to map the area that has been offline while online so you can use. Note that in this case the possibility of routing will not be another moment for you to use. It is noteworthy that the main and side streets on the map of Persian language and this is good news for Persian speakers can. We recommend you do not miss it!

Google Maps – Navigation & Transit by renowned developer Google Inc has been released so far won a very good score 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play, and so on more than 1 billion phone and tablet installed.

Features Google Maps – Navigation & Transit

– Comprehensive maps of over 200 countries around the world

– Navigation using GPS with voice navigation

– Public places and more than 15,000 city

– Comprehensive information from 100 million world famous location

– Dakhay view museums, streets, restaurants etc.

– Some of these features are not available in all countries

– Ability to save maps for offline area

– Ability to view satellite maps and three modes of traffic and street

– Provide quick and short route according to the type of transportation

Version 9.39.1

Find Events and Rzrvsyvn their future in a tab”future” in places you

– View pictures and details of food and drink for business locations

Reduce bandwidth View location details for 2G and 3G networks

Version 9.38.0:

– Added “catching Pokémon” as a type of activity in the timeline

Version 9.36.0:

– Show highlighted interesting dining near you

– Become a Beta Tester

Version 9.32.0:

Add multiple destinations Directions & Navigation

– Search multiple locations on the route chosen

Add daily notes in the timeline to track

Version 9.30.0:

– View Google Contacts on the map

– Rapid release of Google Maps images on the page Your Contributions

Version 9.25.1:

– Gallery improved to various locations including360-degree images

Version 9.23.0:

– Added new tab dedicated service drive contains Compare pickup Uber, 99Taxis, Ola Cabs, Hailo, MyTaxi and Gett

– The customization work and at home with newcustom icons

– Displays the amount of walking and driving in Timeline

Version 9.22.1:

– Improved overall app performance

Version 9.22.0:

Now you can easily find great store hours and phone numbers. (Only in the United States)

– Bug fixes

Version 9.20.0:

– A blow for access to the driving mode no destination

Browse commuter traffic, travel time to locations familiar view, quick access to navigation and search for places along the way

– Suggest ways highway exits

(Now in Barcelona, Hong Kong, Madrid and Parisare available)

– Bug fixes

Version 9.18.2:

– Bugs and problems Program

  • Name: Google Maps – Navigation & Transit
  • Version: 9.39.1
  • Last update: October 17, 2016
  • Android version required: 4.4
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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