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Google’s new video communications applications for the contact Dave one by one with a simple interface and using the WebRTC technology significantly increases the speed of the connection.

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Google Official Google Duo software for video calls on Android phones and tablets. Dave communicate a new software to an image that is useable by everyone. This program is simple, reliable and fun every time you need to communicate your design and video you can easily use it. Google again to develop various services in the field of messaging and social networking has developed this time with two new applications that have interesting features are the communication decided to return to market applications, and the two hopes that new apps Duo and Allo failed attempts to forget her. Dave considering using Real-Time Communication Technology in the internal components associated high speed data and video to provide users According to Google rarely see in this program will be cut off contact.With the arrival of Google’s software can easily see that the design and construction simplicity itself has put on the agenda. The interface is very simple and fast, and to answer incoming calls simply swipe on the screen. Dave analysis bandwidth available to users attempting to set the video quality displayed by the action of wind speed also increases communication between two users. In other words, the video quality is directly related to the speed of Internet use. For convenience, users in the use of Brtamh only a phone number for authentication is required and there is no need to create an account and even Google account is not used in any part of the program! Interestingly protect users’ privacy is that when a user attempts to close the window back to any other party will be able to see him again.

Google Duo by renowned developer Google Inchas been released so far won a very good rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play, and so on more than 10 thousand phone and tablet installed.

Google Duo features

Simple user interface

– View caller information before entering the preview program

– Communicate faster and more reliable high-quality video

– Use the app on both Android and iPhone. She. S

– Set the video quality due to bandwidth users

– Disconnect the circuit when leaving the IDE

– Ability to convert video to audio calls in the event of a sharp drop in Internet speed

– Increase the speed and quality of video calls with WebRTC technology

Version 4.0.138442281

– Debugging

4.0.136865660 version changes:

– Improved pause the video to control

Improved bandwidth management

Key Bug Fixes: Freeze camera, inversion,coordination A / V

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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