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Google Drive v2. Direct Apk Download

Download Google Drive apps Google Drive v2. Android - mobile trailer

The program “Google Drive” cloud free high-security puts at your disposal which you can access from around the world to files on it.

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Google Drive cloud storage for its own official Google app for Android phones and tablets. With this program you can access Google directly into the virtual space and upload your files or view and edit your files. With this program you documents, videos, photos and save your files and also share. This app is a free and completely safe in the cloud placed at your disposal, which you can then upload your files anywhere in the world with the help of your account username and password, to access the data on it. To download and read more to see more images of the environment program.

Google Drive, with very good 4.3 out of 5 rating in Google Play one of the best apps the Android operating system and cloud storage data so far been downloaded more than 1 billion times officially.

Features Google Drive

– Send files to Google Drive directly

– Write any files to your friends

– Access to other file sharing

– Create and edit documents with support for tables etc.

– View PDF files and Office documents

– Use keywords in titles and content

– Set access levels for others to view, comment on,or edit


– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

– Upload your own view on “Recent Visit” version changes:

– Ability to upload multiple files simultaneously and display a progress bar

– Organize folders color scheme.

– Fix problems and improve overall app performance version changes:

– Reverse sorting by name, date and file size

Edit files in other apps directly at drive storage

Performance improvements and bug fixes

2.3.544.17.46 version changes:

– Access to all file sharing

– Improved user interface performance

– Added functionality of PDF Viewer

– Fixed a bug in the program

2.3.544.17.46 version changes:

– Improved overall app performance

– Quickly search more

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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