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Google Apps is the fastest, easiest way to find what you need on the web and on your device that enables voice and text search to your users is Qrahm.

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Google’s Google App software for Android phones and tablets is faster to access this system is designed into the search field. Google Apps is the fastest, easiest way to find what you need is on the web and on your device. In older phones with the Google Search app installed in as Google App now developing. Find your everyday text and audio directly from the app without having to open your phone’s browser to do.

Plus: Software * Google Now * you provide correct information in real time. This application gives you the information you today’s weather before you start your day, amount of traffic to expect before you leave for work, and so it tells you (Google Now is currently on Android 4.1, Jelly Bean is available).

Google App Developer popular by Google Inclaunched so good and has so far won 4.4 points out of 5 on Google Play, and on more than 1 billion devices have been installed.

Google App features

– Quick search on the web and the phone on the smartphone and tablet

– Use your voice to search and more

Get personalized results based on your location

Version 6.6.16

Bug fixes and performance improvements program

Changes in version

– Get the latest events in the Olympic Games Rio2016

Get event schedules, results and medal count by searching for “Olympics” or “Olympics”

Receive information about sport, event or athletefor a particular country.

Automatic updates to events and medal table

Changes in version

Improved look and feel of the search page

Offline voice actions (play music, turn off WiFi, turn on the flashlight)

– Open web pages in place

– Grouped according to interests card


Get new features, plus improved speed and enhanced reliability

  • Android version required: 5.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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