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Epic Games Gove Goo Saga v1.17 Android - mobile data + trailer

Control a character named Guo claimed in a stunning adventure on the world stage play and become aware of the purpose of creation Gove.Artistic graphics will definitely make you stunned.

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Goo Saga is a game of adventure games that just by creative studio Toka Loka Games and with a price of $ 5 has been released on Google Play Store. Progressive games so far with a total vote received 50 points 5.0 out of 5.0, which indicates a high level of satisfaction experienced by its participants also discussed Epic Games has had more than 500 times around the world has been downloaded.

In the game you control these lovely creatures and rubbery called Gove’s will and purpose of creation Chgvnvgy Gove game is an adventure in the land.The game world is full of surprises, deadly traps and enemies big and small, and it is you who have just survived from Gove and make him face the reality of His creation.

Note: the version for mode is on.

Features Goo Saga

– 3 different modes to control Gove that include: Deflated, Inflated and Normal

– 3 different modes to complete the game include: Normal, Survival and Combat time

– Beautiful graphics and stunning art that is designed by the creators manually.

– 18 attractive and interesting soundtrack

– Designed for advanced levels and create a balance between solving puzzles and other parts of the game

– 19 levels and 4 boss fights powerful fighting game

– 12 enemy types robotics

– Collect crystals along the steps and use them to enhance the ability of Gove

– 8 unique abilities and upgrades for characters under your control

– Beautiful and complex story through cutscenes and the story will play.

– There are 2 types of different endings to the game

– For professional-level editing capabilities to design your own levels

– There are online server where you can share your own levels or levels made by others and vote for and rate the manager.

Changes Version 1.17

– Added support for Android TV

– Improved user interface in the control map

– Touch Hide controls when physical controller is connected with the game

– Added a dedicated menu for cloud storage

– Added a dedicated menu for tips

– Support for French

– Fixed a problem related to store not play on some devices

– Other fixes bugs and improves the game’s performance

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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