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Gmail app, users manage personal email is a program that puts at your disposal 15 GB of free storage so you do not lack any feeling.

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Gmail is a simple but functional app on all Android phones and tablets are installed by default. With this program you’ll be able to access your Google account and easily manage your personal messages and friends. The online chat is also one of the features of this program. The Gmail account is required for some HD games. With this free app you can benefit from a 15 GB account without worrying about memory indefinitely send and receive email. It is organized Gmail inbox and you will never be confused. Email, send, spam, deleted, etc., each in a separate section, sorted to bring experience better for you. Many of the most popular online games that can be noted Clash of clans need to store the Gmail account without having the program may never be possible. It should be noted that with the help of this program you can have multiple Gmail accounts and assign each to work.

Gmail by renowned developer Google Inc has been launched for Android users and has so far scored very good 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play and has recorded more than 1 billion download the official.

Gmail features

– Categories to be smart so that messages Tblghaty email and social networking messages separated friends and family!

– Gmail spam Plan helps you get less spam.

– 15 GB of free storage so you do not need to constantly clear your previous emails!

– Support for multiple accounts


– Get faster search results online or offline

– Easier to add a new account

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

6.6.126913422 version changes:

– Gather all your email in one place.

– Support for Microsoft Exchange accounts

6.4.120760496 version changes:

– Jymylyfy: If you use Yahoo Mail or Hotmail / Outlook.com to send and receive emails, you cankeep existing account with all the advantages (protection from spam, inbox and more) to your Gmail account link.

Rich text formatting: add bold, italic, underline, text color or highlights to your email

– Quick response to invitations: invitations to your calendar with the ability to reply to them with a single blow

5.10.112725722 version changes:

– Bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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