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Forge of Empires v1.129.1 Apk For Android

Download game Forge of Empires v1.129.1 Empire

Build your empire and increase your city’s population and start your own sovereignty. Develop a wide range of city equipment and entertain yourself for hours.

The Forge of Empires game is a charming title in the style of strategy that was recently developed and developed by InnoGames GmbH and is completely free of charge in the Google Play Store. The leading game with a total of 321,000 votes has already hit 4.3 out of 5.0 and more than 10 million downloads, indicating the popularity of the game among Android users.

Forge of Empires will place you in the role of the king of the land, and your task will be to build and extend it. Throughout the game, you will face humanity in different ages, and you will have to deal with the unique problems and characteristics of each game. With the help of new technologies and technologies, empower your empire and strike other players with their skills in the kingdom and, of course, in war.

Forge of Empires has a beautiful and epic storytelling that will show how people live at different times. The player will experience the role of the main character of the game from the age of the early humans to future people, and despite the numerous features of each time, they will entertain for a long time.


Features of Forge of Empires

– Making your empire from the Stone Age to the present day or beyond

– Development of technology and technology for building unique buildings and products

– Producing various products and resources needed to continue living

– Exchange merchandise and trade with other empires around the world

– Discover new territories and revenge the small empires for valuable rewards

– Use of combat skills and negotiation in different parts of the game

– Use 3d high quality graphics

– Familiarity with human life in different times

Changes Version 1.129.1

* Various optimizations and troubleshooting of the game’s tricky problems

Tips on playing the game

– It is an online game and requires a permanent connection to the Internet to run.

  • Name: Forge of Empires
  • Version: 1.129.1
  • Last update: July 12, 1397
  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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