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Firefox browser fast, smart and safe browsing experience a good Android phones and tablets offer. Integrated Management tab in Android tablets out there that can monitor the entire browser.

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Firefox Browser fast & private software Firefox browser for Android phones and tablets. Mozilla Firefox browsers familiar names on the Internet that provide speed and excellent facilities to users across the known world. The program will be conducted advanced coding and the ability to run heavy-duty technologies used in its websites. You can search using the advanced browser and want studies done much faster and easier than ever before and with the right features to better manage your open pages. According to the company description: Our ons only for the person you’ve made! Use the Full Screan all open tabs in a single page next to each other in mind. Software, such as computerized version of the Add-ons can see the new extensions and plug-ins need to be installed for better browsing. It is written in the magazine VentureBeatthat the use of Firefox that pages load quickly and regularly updated still the best experience I have been browsing.

Mozilla Firefox Browser fast & privatedevelopers for Android users rated very well presented and has so far received 4.4 out of 5 and more than 100 million downloads on Google Play official also recorded.

Features Firefox Browser fast & private

Personalize Household Panel: browser homepage with links to your favorite websites complete.

Sync: all bookmarks, browser history and your password can be easily synchronized with your PC browser down.

Add: allows you to add a variety of extensions to the browser provided for surfing the web better.

Speed: setup and render pages at high speed

Broad access: support of 59 languages in order to cover the majority of users

HTML5: Experience the unlimited possibilities ofthe Internet with support for programming in html

Video: Supports a wide range of mobile video, including H.264

Security and privacy controls to users’ personal data leaked

– Optimized for excellent view social networking sites Twitter and Facebook etc.

Version 50.0

– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

Version 49.0:

– Remind scroll position and zoom level of open tabs

Update the first run to display several exciting features

– Hidden being closed tab using the “Always restore”

Version 48.0:

– Added the ability to “Add to home screen” to add favorite sites to the home screen or home page

– Read to the intended transfer bookmarks

– Video control with new ways that will be very interesting!

Version 47.0:

– Added a “Show / Hide Web Fonts” in the advanced settings to reduce bandwidth and data

– Added notification system highlight the features Browser Updated

– This version supports the latest version of Android (2.3) Gingerbread is.

Version 46.0:

– Receive notifications about open tabs in the background with a list of URLs

– Panel Top Sites: We have a list of popular sites are displayed by default

– View offline cached pages in the past

– Runtime license application from Android users Firefox 6 and above.

Version 45.0:

– General improvements and minor bug fixes!

Version 44.0:

List tab displays the audio index

– Use of URL when sharing the selected text from a webpage

Improved access

Users can now sign read / unread in the panel list.

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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