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Security Fingered new software to protect the applications installed on the phone using the fingerprint sensor is a career.

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FingerSecurity software security tools finger to unlock the phone with fingerprint applications for Android phones and tablets. Finger Security for thefirst time on July 16, 2014 is available on Google Play. It is the owner of a device that has a fingerprint sensor to use this sensor to protect your program is. These days, the most widely used smartphone can be considered for humans. Thus, phone users of all your data, including images and video and work programs etc. stored on these devices. So keep information secure smartphone users is very important. With this software you can take another step to protect the programs installed on your phone and take your phone with fingerprint sensor security Empower your smart device. The program has many options thatintelligent life easier and safer than before will you.

FingerSecurity so far won good rating of 4.2 out of 5 on the Google Play store and download more than 500 thousand official also recorded.

Features FingerSecurity

Protect any application with its fingerprint

– A widget to enable / disable fast

– Set timeout to allow a short switch between apps

– Unlock one or more programs simultaneously

– Take advantage of password PIN code when your fingerprint is not recognized

– It is impossible to kill and remove.

Protection of new programs automatically

Use your favorite image as background

Use of fake random chat

– Automatic unlocking programs in specific locations

– Allowing users of a particular (special fingerprint) to open a program

– Preservation of the protected apps notifications

Version 3.9.4

– Bug fixes

– Improved translations

Changes in version 3.8.2:

– Bug fixes

– Compatible with devices

– Improved translations

– Improved color recognition

– Added popular colors to change the background color

Changes in version 3.8:

– Improved application performance

– Fixed a problem Mvchvd

– Display a notification on the lock screen protection (lockscreen)

– Improve the translation program

  • Android version required: 4.4
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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