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Download original Sony File Manager Android File Commander v3.8.14444

Are you looking for a powerful file manager with nice appearance and functionality are? File Commander, file manager of Sony Xperia seen on any mobile phone!

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File Commander – File Manager software is a powerful file manager has been released on Sonyand the new ROMs is the default file manager installed. Kamndr file with a clean and intuitive interface to manage files including photos, music, videos, documents and so on smartphone gives you. With this program you can easily createvirtual spaces such as Dropbox and Google Drive directly access. Also you will be able to individually videos, photos, songs and documents submitted.With this powerful app you can modify or copy and transfer the file names. In addition to this mail tool of compressed files supported and you can tap any of the files with just a few different ways to share with others. Other features include support forexternal memory such as flash memory on.

File Commander – File Manager by renowned developer Sony Mobile Communications has been released so far won excellent rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play and has been downloaded over 50 million times officially.

Features File Commander – File Manager

View downloaded files in a folder for faster access

Pictures: View any image file format in a folder

Music: View all the songs and sounds in a folder

Videos: View all video formats in a folder

Show separate and independent internal and external memory

Ability to synchronize with virtual spaces such as Google Drive and Dropbox

Ability to copy, cut, paste, create folders and …

Version 3.8.14444

Share your screen with other devices on the same network using Screen Sharing

View all the images on the device using the new displays images

– Improved sharing files in external messaging apps

– Faster startup and bug fixes

Version 3.7.14292:

– Change Dialogue navigation “Move” based on user feedback

– Added features ‘PC File Transfer’ (transferring files to a PC)

– Support for ZIP files in the cloud accounts

Supports USB using (OTG) device with Android 6+

Improved application performance when handlinga large number of files

Version 3.6.13997:

– Improved overall app performance

– Fixed a problem program

Changes earlier versions of the program:

– Big changes in the graphic interface program that is very positive!

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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