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Download Professional Notepad app for Android Evernote Premium v7.9.7

The electronic note-taking application can search and chat between texts and images used working and saving more than 100 million users throughout the investigation and is booked.

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Evernote – stay organized PremiumProfessional Edition and purchased Professional Notepad application for Android phones and tablets. This app will be remembered as the best app on Android phones is the operation and extraordinary means to grant the numerous awards, The Times of receive. No need to write another book! With this software, you can remember your preferred multimedia in your Android phone or tablet, you can also use the text from photos, videos, charts, PDF files, etc. interest take. You can also compare your tastes to customize the background and characteristics of the software.Your notes are saved by adding password can protect your privacy against individuals. The professional program will allow you to sync multiple devices with your account on multiple devices access to documents and notes at any moment you feel yourself change. Widget designed for the application of various sizes and can be a quick way to manage notes.

Evernote – stay organized Premium by developer Evernote Corporation presented. At the moment excellent 4.6 out of 5 rating on Google Play earns more than 100 million downloads recorded official.

Purchased the full version of the program

Features Evernote – stay organized Premium

– Ability to sync notes with your devices and computers.

– Ability to store recipes

– The ability or the operation of e-mails

– Ability to create task lists, food, shopping, etc.

– Ability to create and edit notes

– Ability to use images and so on Notes

– Ability to share notes

– Usable on smartphones and tablets

Search notes and photos

Stay focused: write in a regular workspace

Attachments: Keep files, documents, PDF, and Photos

Working Chat: Talk about the notes without leaving the app

Saving research and reservation

Privacy by adding a password lock on a cell phone

Version 7.9.7

– Bug fixes the keyboard to edit notes

Changes in version 7.9.4:

– View outstanding searched words

– Select more than one search result for operations

Quickly add notes of notifications without launching the application

– Fixed a bug groups

Changes in version 7.9.3:

Better support for links in notes

Improved support handwriting

See notes for full screen tablet

Various bug fixes

Changes in version 7.9:

– Major improvements in text editing experience

Support for strikethrough text styles and text superscript

– Automatic recognition camera support from business cards, documents, whiteboards

– Ability to mark images and PDF files

– Select multiple notes at once

– Ability to empty the “trash”

Various bug fixes and stability improvementsprogram

Changes in version 7.8.2:

– Added translations Czech and Norwegian

Changes in version 7.7:

– Improved synchronization performance

– Improved stability and application performance

– Fixed some problems, like always

Changes in version 7.6:

Bug fixes and other improvements

– By concessions to program your mind.

Changes in version 7.4:

– Ability to remove notebooks

– Ability to update UI

– Improving Performance

– Fixed

– Better chat function

– Send the message to share

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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