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DU Speed Booster & Cleaner v2.9.9.6 Direct Apk For Android

Download software system optimization DU Speed Booster & Cleaner v2.9.9.6 Android - mobile training

It’s a wonderful application to optimize the system phone, tablet or phablet you. With this program you can use the Android operating system more efficient and improve your.

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DU Speed Booster & Cleaner software asset that all your needs in optimizing the Android platform Anrvydtan will provide a complete set of familiar programs and perfect for managing your device that can speed up your device to 60% increase.Ability to clean common system junk files stored in RAM and built-in virus free feature updates beautifully with what all is included in the app, all-around. Overall: This software cleans all the data to remove it from your system that is not easily made.

Learning to use:

First, once to the left and click on the animation rocket to go home.

Now we are in the main, first of all by swiping to the left, first go to Game Booster press scan after scan option and click on the + sign software and games that you like to check the run-time optimization of the jump.


Six Brgdyd the main menu there is an option which the will explain:

1) Accelerate: In this section, any software is useless activity because you think I’ll check into this in later when attempting to purge the bottom of the page after the checked Myshn.gzynh be stopped and the clearing of how many of activities kept going optimizations click method to be performed for the first time

2) Trash Cleaner: This case is very sensitive Beware loss Nasheed information about your program. Be sure to uncheck the checkbox to the Memory and Cash For example, inside information Vaybrtvn of cars. Very good, in this case using the Large File Cleaner option is that if the memory is large files to display in the bar. Whenever device memory unwarranted seen filled this option open.All orders of magnitude was shown on the large files and can not Pakshvn remaining example of a high-volume data.

3) Advanced Apps Manager:

uninstall: Remove Social Apps

apk manager: install and manage mass memory all apk files

move to sd card: move apps to external memory

4) With this option, you can speed up the test WiFi and GPS: Speed Test:

5) Security:

anti virus: with one click, you can scan the entire system and delete malware A few times from the three-point time Beck’s corner antivirus update.

privacy advisor: you can see what software to have access and which sectors you want to delete each face.

Important: For faster the process Boost (Optimization) There are two ways:

Through three points off the edge of the screen to view detailed hardware and software setting you can choose to use phone info:

Float Window option in the app’s settings to enable and disable only on home screen then can a small icon that represents the memory that you have and drag it to the bottom, in every situation, once the optimization device using a widget you can add quick switch option stylish and equipped to optimize your device home screen only.

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner Features

SPEED ACCELERATOR: stop background activities in order to smooth and speed running the software interface and games with one click disable Main Gvshytan.v of unwanted programs.

TRASH CLEANER: Clean the remaining corrupted files and games and other software in order to preserve the memory and also cleans the cache memory to increase system speed in all activities

ADVANCED APPS MANAGER: possibility of program management with the ability to install and uninstall programs for mass storage to conserve space Sazy.amkan move apps to the memory card (Memory Stick)

DU SECURITY: free antivirus software alone installation to control and clean viruses and Trojans.

– Ability to set floating widget to stop useless in any coordinate activities of the user interface

– Very nice and user-friendly menu

– The possibility of putting all activities and even activities of the system software on the black list

– Ability to update the anti-virus


Optimize overall efficiency and bug-fixes


– Improved scanning speed Trash File Cleaner


– Added search box to find information faster andeasier


– Added reminder notifications Smart Charge

Changes in version

– Added Spanish (US) and Polish

Changes in version

– Full update engine to scan more accurate andfaster SPEED + amplifier

Changes in version 2.9.8:

Remove unwanted advertisements. Free up more space on your phone

Changes in version

– Improved overall app performance and minor bug fixes

Changes in version

– Added a smart notification bar in the notification bar (only on Android 4.3 and above)

– Classification app cleaner includes more details

  • Android version required: 4.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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