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A safe and free service for storing any file you like.The most famous and most popular software program in its kind.

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You had to have happened, for example, an important conference and clips and images to play on a Flash memory to store in the session but it at home left? This problem is solved with the help of Dropbox is almost complete! Dropbox app help you can always have your important data in a completely secure and whenever you need it by having a computer, laptop, tablet and even mobile phones to access.

Dropbox is a free virtual space service site that allows you to make all your photos, videos, documents, and in general, any file you upload onto it and for all maintenance and with regard to security of Dropbox, the file you can feel comfortable. You can also photos, documents, and their shared so your friends can also view it or receive.

With this program you can add images, documents, music, and in total all your files with you, and whenever you need to access it.

Note: To connect to the server of the application will not require high-speed Internet, but how much higher the speed of your Internet, your data access will naturally faster.

Andrvydkdh Dropbox app is one of the most essential apps knows that should the smart phone, tablet or phablet is installed!

Features of Dropbox

– Always files will be available to you.

– Ability to save photos and videos to your Dropbox friends

– Ability to share your photos and files to others

– Ability to send email attachments directly

– Ability to edit your documents

– Safe and impenetrable

– A simple, yet attractive interface

Version 12.2.2

– Fix problems and improve overall app performance

Changes in version 7.1.18:

– Now you can setup your account on multiple files simultaneously do!

– Ability to copy several files simultaneously

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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