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Download Accelerator Plus is a powerful booster download speed that a wide range of formats and download of files directly on the SD memory card support.

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Download Accelerator Plus Download Manager Pro for Android phones and tablets. In the past, downloading from the Internet by mobile phones according to available bandwidth and device memory more like a joke. But with the spread of smartphones and launch new ultra-fast broadband in many cases, downloading files on the phone and tablet computer will be much faster and better.Download Accelerator Plus is a powerful booster download speed of the file for the advanced management of your download. So one of the important tools that must be installed on any Android phone or tablet. Perhaps in some cases are willing to view online a video of some forms of communication and slow makes you not do this regardless. But despite this software is no concern but can quickly video to high-speed download and view offline. It briefly called ADA + or DAP also known as one of the best applications in the category is the file manager. download Accelerator Plus from a wide range of formats supported in this way you can easily make different video and audio files and documents on your portable device download . In addition you have the ability to enter your own custom formats to download the program files you need. Software has always been active and a link to the clipboard when you copy or a download link in the browser pop-up automatically and run with permission of you will start to download the file. In the opened window before starting the download you can view and change the location to save the file. File size target is visible in this window and you can choose to hide Hidden File downloaded file. Aplkyshn Accelerator Plus from Android’s default browser and other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox raised. In addition, it has a powerful built-in browser with convenient features that other browsers you will need.

Download Accelerator Plus has been supplied by the developer rubycell for Android users and has so far managed to earn a good rating 4 out of 5 on the Official Google and more than 1 million downloads have been recorded.

Download Accelerator Plus features

– Direct download files on a memory card SD / except Android 4.4

– Completely free installation easy and powerfulfeatures

– Supports a variety of archive files including music, video, documents, applications

Supported web browsers, such as Android’s default browser, Chrome , Firefox , etc.

– Automatically receive links when copying to theclipboard, or open a link to download

– Support pause and continue downloading respect of

– Continue downloaded automatically stopped due to network error

– Good user interface optimized for tablets

– A multi-pane layout in landscape mode

– Increase download speeds by splitting files

– Ability to define a desired speed to limit the bandwidth

– Music and movie download multiple files simultaneously

Option to store music and video on an external SD card as the default

– Ability to add more formats

– Scan data to identify the music / video to media player

Download files by scanning the QR code

– View download progress in the notifications for Mb / Mb and% / Mb

Sort files by name, size, type, etc.

– Download a file by adding a list of link files

  • Android version required: 5.0
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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