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Dots & Co as a challenge game and is extremely popular for many happy memories of our childhood and play point line.

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Puzzles have always supported titles have their own style and different gameplay if the game is well-seasoned, well-located are certainly welcome. Dots & Co also play one of these categories is that due to different and interesting gameplay that has managed more than 100 thousand downloads within 24 hours experience! It has emerged as the Playdots scored 4.4 out of 5 which is actually a good points be assessed according to the company more than 5 thousand recorded in the rating is stable and trustworthy!


The gameplay is quite simple, yet challenging Dots & Co, charming and lovely. The game revolves around the “point line” I was abolished by the pervasiveness of smartphones, are turning color, only this time little flavor added to its charm is two-fold. Before Winning the game is a little different with our traditional line, this time no one is your competitor and not four walls just to earn points!But in this game just to connect the dots that are the same color as receive points. After each stage you are given a mission, for example, the game asks you to connect the 6 red dots and no matter how it moves less to do with the more points you will receive. To better understand this issue can be noted in the stage of infancy game in which you will be prompted to connect the purple 12 points, you can now you to the point that sharp vigilance and accuracy of the stroke of a high 7 on the next interconnect and interconnect with other points wins stage 5, or a little careless and you do it in stages 5-6.

Advance stages of the game:

The initial stages of the game to your style more familiar with the features of the game. For example, in the third stage to be taught that if you can create a square with a 4 point color and attach it to the beginning of the end of Nir square, all the colored squares that are available on that page does one go about will be destroyed and you will receive several times more points.

As you advance in the game, the harder and at the same time become more attractive. Menu play all 155 levels in the game are circular in shape but are stages that have a triangular shape. In these steps, along with colored circles, a colored triangle that interconnect There are a certain number of them and filling the bar for a specific range of circles on that page disappeared for a few More points will be together. The number of moves that you can do at each stage is limited and it is unlikely that you need more than that. But it is obvious that whatever steps with less number of moves to finish the more points you get and the more chances you will have to get 3 stars.

Game of the well-known limitations to the system which has long been used in some games also benefit. This means that you start to number 15 shows the bar for energy and power to enter any stage should not 3 pcs. Do not worry though, because if the stage finish with 3 stars, bar will refill your energy.


The gameplay is very smooth, great sound and graphics are also acceptable. In all these cases, if the size below 50 MB to add, he’ll be a great game.It is also worth noting that the game is completely free to use, but some Germans or buy energy should not pay fees, but you will not find them in dire need.

Features Dots & Co

– Engaging gameplay, different and fun

– Acceptable graphics to low volume

– The idea of the game

– Recalls fond memories of older children and play point line

– There are more than 150 stage challenge

– Attractive elements that make the game more fun!

– Optimal sound

If you’re a fan of puzzle style games and you like as attractive a different gameplay experience in the genre, never lost Dots & Co and immediately download it, install and enjoy.

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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