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Your fantasy world full use of these four elements make four. Amazing graphics in three dimensions with impressive German variety and infinite gameplay addictive, including salient features of this game are controversial.

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Doodle God Doodle God ™ HD games and suitable for all ages as a very addictive puzzle game that features seen it. Your overall task in this game combines the four elements: water, earth, fire and wind is a world full scale. Every German who is hand made beautifully laid into the real world and live in it. Planetary gameplay mode allows you to take that dream world of their own on your Android device. Certainly comprehensive global manufacturing can not be achieved in one day.You have to work on micro-organisms rise to the animals, tools, storms and other elements to create a living world. Be aware that sometimes require anything that is necessary to build new planet sacrifice! Learn army and the imagination to create a war atmosphere could also have unintended consequences. It is interesting to know; you may even spark innovations to hit a plague of zombies!But do not worry you are not alone on this cosmic journey. Every time you get a new prosperity, one of the world’s premier humorist philosopher or you are awarded.

Some of the accolades and honors earned by playing different authorities:

– Award winning Apple REWIND

– GameZebo: the concept of unique and extraordinary general is deeply satisfying

– TUAW: a big positive score for this game!

– 148Apps: how crazy addictive and enjoyable experience offers

– AppSafari: every element of the game to experience the feeling of absolute pleasure

– Slide2Play: the use of individual creativity forcibly engaging gameplay in the game, and brutal as addictive

– TouchGen: this game is definitely worth trying

The game “Doodle God” is a fascinating, fun and addictive puzzle game for Android OS is the style that has been made by JoyBits Co Game Studios.The game graphics and detailed three-dimensional carving enjoys breathtaking and the style is very interesting theme and gameplay to the Android platform has become one of the most special game.Game Doodle God up to this moment has won a score of 4.1 in the Google Play Store.

Note: This version of the game mode is for energy is infinite.

Doodle God ™ HD Features

– Support for 13 different languages

– A new gameplay mode called mode that allows you to liven planetary warming of the planet while you’re busy making provides

– The gameplay missions, there are many puzzles to challenge

– Dstsaz·h new mode of collecting ancient Dstsaz·h such as “Stonehenge” as a result are amazing triple reactions

– Use four elements to build global all-purpose, water, fire, earth and wind are dominated

– Ability to create more than 300 items and ideas, imaginative You

– Interesting gameplay for one-touch sensory and perceptual the user to think and makes creativity flourish

– There are hundreds of such quotes funny

– New gameplay mode called Puzzle that allows the construction of locomotives, skyscrapers and provides for user

– New mode Quests: Can you save the Princess or escape a desert island?

– New reactions with interesting elements and different episodes

– Added new achievements

– New Elements encyclopedia with wikipedia links

– Improved mini-game for fans of arcade games

Version 3.2.3

– Fixed a problem play

  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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