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Select a game from different nationalities and human secrets and know how to shape some of the most historic events. Seven Wonders of other nationalities to create and to prove that they are strong all trade.

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DomiNations: the legendary product manufacturer, for Reynolds, which include masterpieces such as: Civilization II, Rise of Nations, he noted. The new strategy game that was released in epic style on exploration, development and domination of .qbylh your warrior to win throughout the history of mankind, from the era of Hjr to lead the space age, and you can make your own territory Knyd.paytkht through your real nationality largest choice nationalities, united with all the powers of his enemies to their knees to finally get into the most powerful civilization that became history had ever seen. In this game rout of exceptional privileges and powers from the clutches of their rivals with nations such as Britain, Roman, German, French, Japanese, Chinese and Greek world domination with the temporal and spatial variations. Throughout the history of humanity passes quickly and become the first person that you unveil the secrets of human technology such as armored cavalry, gunpowder and flying in the sky, picks up.

Can play a leading generals such as Alexander the Macedonian, Cleopatra and Napoleon the part under his command in pairs. One of the most interesting features of the game making seven wonders of the world that provide the context reputation in your power on earth. You can also fight hard on yourself wide and allies of other nationalities.

Play online.

Features DomiNations

– Gameplay fantastic graphics with very high detail

– Despite gains, including shuttle

– Construction of historic buildings and ancient battle fields

– The proper volume level of the game graphics

– Use a variety of weapons used during the civilization

– The presence of legendary characters likeAlexander and Napoleon

Version 4,451,451

– Increasing the skills of their civilization with the help of great leaders such as Leonardo da Vinci, Catherine the Great, Saladin, Sultan etc.

– Supported languages Italian and Turkish

– The battle for power in World War leaderboard

– Added new tactical called bait

– Upgrade their storage tanks

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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