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Dolphin – Best Web Browser v5.11.15 Direct Apk For Android

Download fast browser Dolphin Dolphin - Best Web Browser v11.5.15 Android - mobile version of Express

The web browser and visit web pages for easy and fast loads. It also has many settings that you can change to suit your needs. The browser plugin is also available on …

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Dolphin – Best Web Browser Pro is powerful and famous web browser for Android phones and tablets. Dolphin Browser is one of the most popular Android browsers, and more than 150 million times Tvsz and ios phones and tablets with Android operating system has been received. The web browser and visit web pages for easy and fast loads. It also has many settings that you can change to suit your needs. Also be installed on this browser plug-ins, and it is one of the useful features. The software supports Adobe Flash Playerimplementation of best online games and video provides you with the features in any other browser you will not find even Chrome or Firefox. Dolphin design of proprietary code to support various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter activity on social networks and so on browser has provided convenience for users. We encourage you to never miss it .

Dolphin – Best Web Browser by developer Dolphin Browser has been released so far excellent 4.5 out of 5 rating on Google Play has gained. The program has more than 150 million users from around the world one of the best options is the browser software.

Best mobile web browser on Android Market

Features Dolphin – Best Web Browser

– Support for Signature

– Ability to share bookmarks and favorite websites

– Has more than 60 plug-ins

– Has different themes with beautiful colors

– Ability to synchronize browser history, bookmarks, etc.

– Internet access completely safe

– High-speed access to a variety of social networking sites such as Facebook

– The ability to bookmark your favorite sites

– Ability to install a browser plug-ins to increase performance

– Syncing addresses, bookmarks, full-screen browsing program by logging into the account

– Add your most visited websites in the Home and easy access to them

Changes in version 5.11.15

– Support for blocking ads with Jetpack off

Improved stability for Android N

– Fixed a bug in the password storage and Android 4.4 Jetpack

– Localizing the user interface for some languages

Changes in version 5.11.11:

– Improved stability of the application on devices with Android 6

– Bug fixes Fillr Autofill extension

– Fixed a javascript bug in shutdown status

Other fixes bug

Version 11.5.8:

– Added extension Autofill to automatically fill in web forms

– Added search field Hot-down search box

– Download multiple files

– Fixed a bug in incognito mode video playback

– Fixed a crash bug and stability improvements program

Version 11.5.7:

– Improved Italian, Dutch and Danish of settings and download

– Bug fixes choice of words on a web page and search

Version 11.5.6:

Loading bug fixes App Store Dolphin Web

– Improved stability

– Improved some problems in German

Version 11.5.3:

– New theme Christmas

– Resolved some problems and bugs

– Added Dolphin Browser newsletter to keep informed of changes


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