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Divar v8.3 Direct Apk For Android

Download Application requirements Divar v8.3 Android cell wall

Wall largest online site needs Iran more than 100 million ads per day in the field of buying and selling new and used goods from all over the country.

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Divar “wall” Great website with the requirements in the field of buying and selling goods for Android phones and tablets. Dare wall can be best applications in the field of buying and selling new and used goods, he said. If you want to sell or buy your desired products without the middleman and go directly to the seller or the buyer item after talks that attempted to trade. With this software you can get your desired goods in the fields of home appliances, electronics, vehicles, business, personal and entertainment and leisure to sell. Each of the categories listed in sub-divide that provides easy access to ads easily be considered. The software has a simple but stylish and functional environment that can simply use the excellent facilities of this fantastic program that is ad based on geographic location, topic and category of the program have been incorporated. Wall requirements with nearly 100 thousand million of us Insert your free ad on by users. Ads via Android, iPhone and websites walls are received. Just look around and every item that will serve you eat, or just want to get newer model, the ‘wall’ your ad. Car and find your future home. Goods and services and introduce your business and build your future wall to employment and employment. Just after installation, marked “+” at the top of the screen and get started! On the wall without any intermediate trade directly via phone, SMS or email client or purchaser of their goods and services to keep in touch.

Divar Divar by the developer for Android users have been released so far won a very good rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google and more than 10 million downloads also has experienced official.

Divar features

– Search within banners

– Send more than 100 million ads per day

– With all the provincial capitals and major cities

– Various classifications

– To communicate with local advertisers Messenger

– View the ad posted visit

Version 8.3

– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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