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Aliens threaten the land you are entering their territory and it is your duty to eliminate this threat once and for all. Advanced and deadly weapons in-game items will be available.

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Crashlands TOUCHARCADE is the award-winning game that has been released for Android and Google Play are sold at a price of $ 4.99 today Andrvydkdh full version and have completely bought the game.

In this RPG as you put all your effort to define and find your way and make every effort to find aliens to define.

The story is that of a truck driver threatened by an alien galaxy and the line comes out, you must now refute this by alien and an alien planet travel and aliens before they destroy you you see them destroyed!

Employers deadly, deadly weapon upgrade packages, uncover ancient mysteries and construction of safe houses all the features of the game are.

Features Crashlands

– The system is very elegant and artistic design of the game

– Fantastic style RPG game

– Manage your weapons and battles

– Extraordinary skills in combat

– Basic Tutorial Building

– Creatures obedient

– Huge universe … with big problems

Version 1.1.9

– Repair game plan completely

– Added new items to the game

– Fixed some bugs treasures

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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