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“Clash of Lords” is an online strategy game that has over 10 million have been downloaded from the Google Play Store. In this game you have to build your own village and it is not resistant against attacks.

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Style games fans have its own strategy, always will be. Wireless network flagship game Clash of clans strategy, but in the other titles in this genre have been produced which have gained high popularity.Clash of Lords 2 as one of the best, most popular and most attractive style strategy game for Android OS is released by Google IGG.COM game company and has over 10 million downloads is seen . This super fun games won is very good rating of 4.5 out of 5 Chalb know that in signing the concession of over one million and five hundred thousand people were involved.

The second version was also released Clash of Lords. In the second version also pay to evolve and upgrade your hero and battle online with other players in the world. Remember that in this version of artificial intelligence forces you to be much higher and you can have better control over his battle and what could be more enjoyable than this?Clash of Lords 2 is as fun and addictive. In this game, controlling more than 40 champions and other forces will be responsible for the development of a defendant can cross the barrier. Of course, you also know that you will not be protected against attacks and to your village and upgrade it to resist attacks.

Several elements have been included in the game play even more charm to. If you’re a fan of strategy games, we recommend never lost the title to immediately download!

Features Clash of Lords 2

– Control battle is with you and it is you who must use their forces properly.

– PvE and PvP battle modes

– New heroes and troops

– Fight against your friends! The system allows you to battle against your friend or in side groups

– The game is completely free and to enter the free games per day will receive trophies and jewelry.

Changes in version 1.0.208

– Optimize Coliseum Matchmaking

– Firebombs other Shrines in Coliseum will have a major impact on!

– Added Jumbo Packs

Changes in version 1.0.207:

– Challenge with a new boss: Arcane Elder

– Complete tasks to earn honorary degrees

– Added pack tenth anniversary of the IGG

– Feel attend summer football competition

– Increasing the maximum level 25 epic heroes

– Added the level Ezequiel 40: Djinni, Arcane Caster, and Blitz Bomber

– Improved combat system Guild Clash

– Fixed a problem Ezequiel Aid for Chiron

Changes in version 1.0.203:

– Guild New: Drake Knight

– Added new equipment: Demonic Axe

– Added level 40 for Ambrosia and Arctic Lord, and Pan Goli

– Added Aid Skill max level!

– Heroes will now display your name and logo Guild!

– Skill icons now show the situation during the war heroes you!

– Minor improvements More

Changes in version 1.0.202:

– Added new title to play

– New features for Forum

– Special missions anniversary

– Special treaties Anniversary: Added new builder for your city and improve the benefits of your home, boosters donated free every day

– Two hero cards Arctic Lord and Sapphirix been added to the store.

– Increase the level of alchemy workshop

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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