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Clash of Kings v2.18.0 Direct Apk For Android

Download game Clash of Kings Clash of Kings v2.18.0 Android

Led by more than seven different kingdoms and empires in your own fantasy world, destroy your enemies and get on your path.

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 Clash of KingsClash of Kings

No other person smart phone, tablet or even tablet, but has not heard the name of the game Clash of clans. As you know, this topic published in the strategy genre for different platforms and to dare to say that Android is the most popular game! When companies, large corporations or even small teams to play the resounding success of this style were on different platforms, on the production of their strategy style games. Clash of Kings is also one of the categories style strategy game for Android is that Google is sent by Elex Wireless gaming. This article may not be a serious competitor for Clash of clans but is very popular among users and achieved remarkable Moffitt has found.

As mentioned in the paragraph above, Clash of Kings one as charming and entertaining in style strategy game for Android OS is the company Elex Wireless has put into being. This popular as time release of nearly 100 million downloads in Google Play experience and won the acceptable rating is 4.2 out of 5. Interestingly, the patent acceptable in this game have close to 2 million direct and effective role.

In this strategy game you must headed over from seven different kingdoms and empires in your own fantasy world and get on your path! If you are interested in PVP and multiplayer games are available in Google Play this game one of the best choices for you.

In this game you have to really be a challenge with your friends and other players online from around the world to compete and prove your abilities, you!To join one of the thousands Empire in the game with a powerful attack and collect resources and build buildings and upgrade it to use all its efforts to become the most powerful player in the game!

You should be in the role of a tyrannical king and his empire so powerful and by collecting coins of different ways, building services, defense, etc. for your own city and take responsibility for those tax people. Be smart and yourself if you can show a good performance too fast and you can easily expand your empire.


Features Clash of Kings

– Challenge other players from around the world online real

– Real-time multiplayer games strategy and war!

– Gather resources to build a huge empire you

– Defend against your enemy insurgents

– Build strong castle and defeat enemies

– Enjoy playing PVP battle and act on Android phones and tablets

Version 2.18.0

– Hire Heroes in the House Championship, the Champions each have special powers and special skills

– Increasing levels of Princess Novia and Prince Ryan to number 15

– By increasing the power of their characters mentioned will also upgrade

– Added more tips to help you in making the legendary equipment

  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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