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The most popular strategy game in the world with over 100 million downloads around the world and holder of the 22 million user score of 4.6. Your clan for all-round leadership and participate in tribal wars breathtaking.

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 Clash of ClansClash of Clans

F Kellens straw next to you to lead your tribe, you have to win! Clash of Clans is a nice strategy game in which you must build your village and train your military forces. This game combines fast and struggle is a strategy game where wizards, barbarians, dragons and other top fighters on there, the scope is wider you as much as it should have more troops to victory in various attacks Be.

As you know, today Clash of clans in one of the most controversial and the most popular games available on smartphones has become no longer play such a way that it does not compete with anyone name of the game, heard, and which done!At the beginning of the game you are given a village and training in relation to buildings and putting them in different parts given to you. With the construction of the main building you will be able to play or the so-called Town Hall building, and have more features and more resources to upgrade, the higher the level, the greater the main building you can drag-and-build barracks and … more things such as walls Do it. Meanwhile, the more buildings you build or upgrade them play some games as XP gives you an increased level you will collect them! Throughout the game various achievements already is known to jam with them different values given as gifts, the diamond you can using the actions, such as: rapid promotion buildings the diamond to become and coins and Exir do now, in fact diamonds makes up more quickly you progress in the game and maximize their speed. If you are a fan of online games, we recommend you do not miss Kellens stubble off.For download and more screenshots from the game to see more.

Please note that: Supercell for serious players who xmod use of bots or programs warned Ben Therefore, their account may have friends who use the programs there. We recommend until further notice Please do not use the side events!


Features Download stubble F Kellens

– Build a village in the desired location

– Battle with other players from around the world

– Link up with other players for the final battle

– 14 beautiful and charming stage

Version 8.551.24

– Remove halloween theme of the game

Version 8.551.18:

– Update for Halloween

– Now you can boost one’s Spell brewing jam!

– Force ghost (Spooky) is now much faster and cheaper are ready!

Changes in version 8.551.5:

– Saw the presentation of Tower Bomb (Bomb Tower) are new and other new features

– New Level Wizard, Dragon and Dragon Baby

– New level for Defense Forces: X-Bow, Mortar, Hidden Tesla

– Practice mode is very simple experience with the new Quick Train

– Wars friendly, different discounts on upgrades and much more

Tips on the run game

– The regular version of the game on the phone with Android 5.1.1 Xperia Z1 is tested and safe.

– Is applicable only online games.

– Due to the powerful online game servers of any version is not available for this game and will not be moody. Therefore, all the copies in the name of “crack” or “mode” sold, is fraud!

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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