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[MOD] City Island 3 – Building Sim v1.6.3 Direct Apk For Android !

Download Game City Island 3 - City Island 3 - Building Sim v1.6.3 Android - mobile mode version

Make your own island and manage it! In this game you play the role of a dutiful mayor should make every effort to get people to spend quite happy to keep your city or the island.

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Game City Island 3 – Building Sim is one of the most popular and most famous city building game genre is for Android by Game Studios City Island 3 – Building Sim is designed and supplied. If you’re interested in strategic games and urbanism sure to try the famous game.

In the third series of the game, like the previous series you must pay to build a city and control it.As a mayor you have to be responsible for their island people find work, accept criticism and complaints it and to handle it. If you like city people are satisfied you have to make big buildings and amenities to make your people. You can your city on the islands with different climates, such as marshy islands, desert and build a paradise for children.

In addition to the above you can make good sidewalks, create a river in the middle of the island and the construction of railways and many others see their city more beautiful photos and more tourists to the city attracts.

Game City Island 3 – Building Sim with over 15 million downloads on Google Play for Android has become the most popular city-building game. In this game your first choice is not an island and then build your small village and town to town this small village developed into a tourist destination, you metropolis. To attract tourists and investments great on your town, can allow many who are in the game to add to your city.

Note: The game Persian language support.

Features of City Island 3 – Building Sim

– Easy user interface

– More than 150 different items to decorate the city

– Support for tablets

– Graphics

– Smoother gameplay with achievements interesting and enjoyable

– Exciting missions

– Earn money by building and investments

– Currencies: gold and cash

Version 1.6.3

– Fixed bugs and problems as well as optimize the game

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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