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App Backup & Restore v6.5.9 Apk For Android

Back up various files and programs installed on the phone in several different versions and save to external SD memory card and recover directly from the memory card if   App Backup Restore-Transfer is a powerful and powerful application for backup and recovery for Android phones and tablets. Backup or backup is a transcript file of various […]

Gmail v8.1.7.183725757 Apk For Android

The Gmail app is a user-friendly application for managing personalized emails that can provide up to 15 GB of free memory to help you stay down-to-date.   Gmail is a simple but functional application that is installed on all Android phones and tablets. With this app you will be able to access your Google account and easily […]

WhatsApp Messenger v2.18.30 Apk For Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers for making voice calls and sending messages for free, and users can connect with each other by creating different groups. WhatsApp Messenger is a famous application for making voice calls and sending voice and text messages to Android phones and tablets. The Watts App today is used by all […]

Instagram v32. Apk For Android

Instagram is a popular and popular social network for sharing video and photos with friends and acquaintances based on smartphones.   Instagram is the official Instagram social networking software for Android phones and tablets. If you have not signed up to 1 billion users in Instagram yet, now take action and share your own photos and videos to see […]

MacroDroid Pro v3.19.10.1 Apk For Android

MacroDroid comes with a simple user interface and a logical step-by-step process for automatic tasks, and you can define several different actions for the program to automatically modify your work without interference.   MacroDroid Pro – Device Automation is a software tool for automating tasks and building automation . The program has a simple interface and a step-by-step process for […]

Skype v8.14.0.11 Apk is Available !

Skype allows users to make superb high quality audio and video from anywhere in the world.   Skype-free IM & video calls is the official Skype app for Android phones and tablets. Skype software is a prominent name for voice and video calls. Skype has been one of the most popular Internet calling software since the birth of Android, […]

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