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WhatsApp Messenger v2.18.115 Apk For Android

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers for making voice calls and sending messages for free, and users can connect with each other by creating different groups. WhatsApp Messenger is a famous application for making voice calls and sending voice and text messages to Android phones and tablets. The Watts App today is used by all […]

Android App Manager v3.64 Apk For Android

Android App Manager is a great and powerful application for managing applications on Android phones or tablets. The app presents the measurement reports, system information, amount, volume occupied and … to you in …   Android App Manager is a great and powerful application for managing applications on Android phones or tablets. The app helps you manage your […]

SHAREit v4.0.78 Apk For Android

The fastest way to share photos, apps, and more on all devices is that you do not need an extra mobile Internet connection or use WiFi.   SHAREit: File Sharing, Transfer is a famous file transfer file transfer using WiFi for Android phones and tablets. Today, the sharing and transfer of file types such as photos, apps, […]

X-plore File Manager v3.99.10 Apk For Android

With the help of this program you can have complete management of your files stored in internal memory or Sdcard. X-Plore File Manager is a powerful file management software for Android phones and tablets. With this program, you can access and manage all your files on your device’s memory and SD card. This program is a dual-window explorer […]

Draw Something v2.400.013 Apk For Android

An awesome and unique game in which your other side should guess the drawn drawing. The game with exciting gameplay will surely entertain you for hours.   The Draw Something game is a charming title in the guessing vocabulary that was recently developed by OMGPOP Studio and is available at the Google Play Store for $ […]

Enpass Password Manager v4.6.6 Apk For Android

The most secure and affordable password management software in the world. Enpass Password Manager is an application that is used to better manage passwords on the Android operating system. With the advancement of computer systems …   The safest and most affordable password management software in the world Enpass Password Manager is an application that is used […]

Microsoft Cortana v2.10.3.2159 Apk For Android

Cortana is Microsoft’s personal intelligence assistant with the ability to track flights, stock information, routing, schedule execution, ringtone setting, email sending, and more.   Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant Cortana’s voice assistant software for Android phones and tablets, which is being developed by Microsoft’s familiar name company. Cortana was Microsoft’s personal intelligence assistant and was released in […]

Duolingo: Learn Languages ​​v3.77.3 Apk For Android

If you are looking for a program that quickly and easily teaches you the world’s most advanced languages, Duolingo: Learn Languages ​​can be one of your best choices. Duolingo: Learn Languages ​​is a foreign language training program for Android phones and tablets. Dolinho is an interesting and fun application for teaching the world’s languages ​​such as: English, […]

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