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Cards and Castles v3.5.09 Apk For Android

Download Cards and Castles Cards and Castles v3.5.09 Android - Mobile Trailer

As you play in the game, collect various cards each with unique ability and power to engage in a battle with the hand.


Cards and Castles As the name implies, the game is a mix of card and strategic styles. Start building with the cards you have! In this game, you are faced with a nearly rectangular field whose forces are moving around using the cards you have. You can win this strategic battle with a unique combination of multiple factions. So in the game you can collect various cards each with unique ability and power to appear in the battle with the hands of the hands because you to control your opponents and destroy the castle opponents need to move forces And the forces are just moving with your cards. In the game of collectibles , you will see the CCG card game , with unique strategy gameplay with mixed collectible cards waiting for you for endless variety. In addition, it’s possible to fight with players around the world and you can prove your values ​​with victory. The interesting thing to do is to get cards only through gameplay. In other games, it’s possible to buy the equipment through cash purchases .

Cards and Castles features

– completely free

– A collection of CCG cards

– Exclusive strategy gameplay with mixed collectible cards for endless variety

– Has very deep and intellectual tactics

– Battle against players around the world

– Use multiple factions to invade: Viking, Crusader, Vorlex, and Pirate, and Ninjas.

– Continuous updating of game content and adding new cards and improving game mechanics

– Supports both single player and multiplayer game modes

– Draft mode to create unique decks

– Get each card through the gameplay

Changes Version 3.5.09

– Improved game pre-training

– New ranking system

– Ability to unlock various cards

– Added weekly awards

– Added new card package

– Added more tricks to get the card

Changes Version 2.1.90:

– Added chat system between friends

– Disassembling and improving vision

– Added fifty new cards

– Added notification message from game level

  • Name: Cards and Castles
  • Version: 3.5.09
  • Last update: April 6, 1397
  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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