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Call Of ModernWar: Warfare Duty v1.0.9 Mode Direct Apk Download

Play Call of Modern Warfare Call Of ModernWar: Warfare Duty v1.0.9 Android - mobile mode version

Challenging battle between the aircraft has experienced war and destroy your enemies with unique weapons. Types of aircraft, from fighter jets to classic are available to guide and destroy.

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Call Of ModernWar: Warfare Duty missile combat simulation is a wonderful game that gives you the mood and gives real power of modern aircraft. Have you ever thought that you can use a clever strategy in air battle? In this game you can not only Hvshndanh of your strategy but you can also close your enemies with a variety of destructive weapons combat aircraft to fight them. Weapons in the game are such that the possibility of war in distant and close and make possible a genuine experience of modern combat fighters will you.

Features Call Of ModernWar: Warfare Duty

– Versatile and powerful weapons and can be used in any position

– Three-dimensional graphics and engaging

– 16 real modern fighter

– Beautiful environments within the game

Version 1.0.9

– Fixed a bug related to text

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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