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Boom Tap: Dot Dots Go Circle v1.02 Direct Apk For Android

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You can knock the loose ball against the wall game! More and more often to the ball and break records. The combination of fast action gameplay and focus has been able to make this game very addictive.

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Boom Tap a minimalist and very fun game where the ball should be able to check more frequently to the wall. Just press a button to blast. The small balls of lead wandered into the wall. What can continue to hit the ball? We have said that the mood of the ping pong game and is very addictive and challenging. With this game you can, skill, agility and maximize your reaction speed and become a full-fledged ninja Boom Tap sure. be carefull! The gameplay can make you look like a zombie dependent! Wall will change the mode and more advanced, the challenge will be to play doubles.

The game “Boom tap” a new play, fun and highly addictive arcade style games for the Android OS that has been made by Bazon Game Studios. The title of the Android game due to having so much fun gameplay, impressive minimalist style and very challenging physics can be one of the best games of focus for the Android operating system. It is worth noting that the game has now won a score of 4.7 on the Android users around the globe in the Play Store.

Features Boom Tap: Dot Dots Go Circle

– Innovative gameplay and no example

– New style of ball game under the new rules!

– The design is fantastic Mynymalsyty

– Physics and smooth gameplay mechanics and a rate of 60 frames per second

– Music and sound flawless

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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