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As a commander Mtdbr your little spaceship with strange equipment to communicate. Your task is very challenging puzzles to design the best route for the ship’s safe passage.

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Attrakt including Baghi serious intellectual games for the Android platform with eye-catching graphics style, there are a variety of items and elements, a variety of challenging puzzles with multiple solutions, and more than 30 steps further in future updates will be able to received opinion, and one of the most innovative puzzle game is.Achievements competitive system makes it much more practice players and to be kind of addictive.Attrakt game you’ll be in command of a small ship needs him! As the architect of space and time, your task is to design the course and crossing the middle of a jigsaw puzzle to bring the ship to safety. There are a variety of different tech equipment to help them with creative design to get results.

Play “Attrakt” a new game, which is fun and very challenging puzzle game style and is made by 2IKONS Game Studios. The gameplay is very creative and enjoy the game shortly after the release of the attention has been on the Play Store.It is worth noting that the game is won Attrakt 4.9 score by collecting a handful of users in the Google Play store.

Features Attrakt

– Hand-drawn graphics

– A beautiful combination of colors in each of the stages with a sci-fi scenario

– There are many puzzles that can be a challenge with a competitive leaderboard, individual creativity to flourish player makes

– Compete with friends to design the best track in each of the stages

– Optimized for tablets and smartphones

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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