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Renaissance and unparalleled location in the world in ancient Italy to carry out exciting missions busy murder. Assassin’s Creed one chosen from among four different classes legendary experience on your Android device.

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Assassin’s Creed Identity Finally, after a long wait Assassin’s Creed game for the Android platform we saw. “According identity murderers,” the full name of the game is one of the most famous and most popular series of games for the Windows operating system and IOS operating system now watching after the release of Android version for phones and tablets you Are. And the thrill of a controversial play that tells the story of a professional killer and should be mentioned that in his previous experience in the Windows operating system, is able to record and won numerous honors. In this game you will control and role-playing and action gameplay from Assassin own eyes in the world of Renaissance Italy, to perform numerous missions, diverse and breathtaking to pay.

– Cnet.com: “The game’s graphics are spectacular”

– Pocketgamer: “a good game, the size of Assassin’s Creed as”

– Phonearena.com: “fancy graphics”

As of this interpretation comes constructive as focus a lot on graphics effects, detail and natural landscapes and characters is that after the first run it to believe it will flour.

Play “guess the identity of the murderer,” a popular game, fascinating and really exciting for Android OS is the action game genre has been made by Ubisoft Entertainment Game Studios. The title of the Android game console to enjoying the impressive graphics and Renaissance Italian air and completely simulated in detail, gameplay very close to a series of windows, a breathtaking and varied missions of murder and also benefit from name Assassin’s Creed and the well-known drawing, can be selected as one of the most controversial games of 2016 and is undoubtedly attractive to any user with any tastes and interests. It is worth noting that the game Assassin’s Creed Identity today (29/02/1395) has been published in the Play store and up to the moment of the score’s profile yet.We are proud that this game is safe and tested with data, only hours after the release of the Venerable users put Andrvydkdh website.

Note: loading time and syncs with the server may be a little time consuming and disorders. Please be patient and preferably WiFi or 4G high-speed Internet use. The game has been fully tested.

Note: The game has 2 GB of data must necessarily be downloaded by the user from within the game.

Features Assassin’s Creed Identity

Construction, development and customization of your character’s Creed:

– Choose between 4 different assassin classes: Berserker (crazy), Shadow Blade (sword shadow), Trickster (Cutie) and Thief (thief)

– Customization: the use of Achievements to use a variety of equipment and weapons such as swords and sword hidden epic symbolic

– Promotion of Assassin you from novice to master

Multiple and diverse range of missions and unpredictable possibilities:

– An extraordinary experience of freedom of movement in the vast world of the game: Run, jump and climb around the world an unparalleled old Italy

– Achieve an endless variety of adventures during each managed to unlock hundreds of locations and get new items

– Control characters to experience the game in any way: physical gamepad, dual virtual stick and simple tap-to-move

Assassin’s Creed experience than games:

– Engine Unity, graphics mermaid with custom detail and texture brings along with advanced modeling and lighting flawless game does not leave anything on the visual effects

– In any environment in which you take during missions and stages of the game, from the Italian Renaissance and is one hundred percent free world.The simulation area with impressive details you provided are free for sightseeing district of Santa Croce in Florence and the Colosseum in Rome

Finally, in relation to the Assassin’s Creed is one of the most popular games in history is to be stated that the version of Android the result of years of efforts, the company Ubisoft and after gaining extensive experience in categories controversial because Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, Assassin’s Creed Unity and Assassin’s Creed Black Flag has attempted to make this game. Certainly “Assassin’s Creed Ydntyty” Given the irrefutable reputation, large and reputable manufacturer and applying the extensive experience in this game can be called the hottest game of the year is allocated to each player and a reference and praised the.

Version 2.5.4

– Added new features and improved game experience

  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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