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Play runners Azgard Asgard Run v1.0.159 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

One of mythical characters within the game and start to run, not exciting and epic. Destroyed enemies and use special powers also enjoy the beautiful graphics of the game.

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Game Asgard Run title in style by creative studio and gifted runner who recently made Ayopa Games and has a total of 65 votes rating: 5.0 of 5.0 has achieved is an indication of the popularity of the game among Android gamers. It is also the leading game download 500 times around the world has experienced so far.

With its maximum speed run, dodge, do not jump or fly. Azgard enter by selecting one of the most exciting land of fairy-tale characters running and have not had the experience of their land to save their utmost to define. Leading the game will definitely take you act quickly, and it is you who should act quickly destroy your enemies or special powers that come along every week. Runners game Azgard also has a very high technical and artistic graphics that will definitely make you stunned and at the beginning of the game you will attract.

Asgard Run Features

– Choose your hero from the legendary heroes

– Equip your characters with unique weapons and abilities

– A world spinning that includes a lot of risks, but very nice.

– All kinds of control movements like jumping, dodge, slipping, spinning or fly off

– Unlock new characters, and powerful weapons to destroy enemies Azgard

– Break off a variety of enemies including skeletons, zombies explosive and powerful Varlak

– Escape from other environmental hazards such as traps, meteorites and debris

– Discover secret places bonuses and special items will be included.

– Invite your friends and challenge them to participate in the game to get fame and glory

Changes in version 1.0.159

– Added new character

– Unlock a lot of achievements Google Play

– Various bug fixes and balancing the game

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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