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Arrow launcher and beautiful and simple and quick access to games and applications settings and user requirements in the shortest possible time and provide the system with the ability to customize the Dock benefits.

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Arrow Launcher Launcher is new and exciting for Android phones and tablets. Arrow launch a new project Microsoft in the smartphone interface that is simple to customize your device’s user interface and simplify the radical slave! With this launcher you can find, launch and return to your favorite applications experience. All icons in the Launcher components and perfectly synchronized with the user and the important things that you used during the day by the time they become available. Arrow launcher provides strategy and game settings and user requirements in the shortest possible time andless time spent on this task for the user to manage settings and time of your smartphone benefit.Beautiful the launcher make sure you think about the beauty will attract user interface. Notable in the Launcher Dock system implementation similar to the control center (Control Center) is the operating system that Apple ios access to your favorite applications is much easier and interesting dock Unlike Microsoft, Apple completely customizable Control Center building.

Arrow Launcher has so far scored very good 4.3 out of 5 on Google Play and supports English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Traditional and Simplified Chinese are available worldwide and more than 1 million downloads also has recorded.

Features Arrow Launcher

– Programs without wasting time to find your required. Programs are automatically sorted based on usage.

People who are most important for you to easily find and make calls with them.

Reminder: Never work assigned by your spousewith integrated reminder system not forget!

– Recently quickly to step back and take photos, downloaded files, installed programs, and even access your recent calls.

Top management: setting back pages, show / hide a certain page, and a special page set as your home page.

– Widgets: widgets compatible with all your work in an organized launcher.

– Customizable dock to your favorite applicationseasily accessible from any screen in the dock.

– Bing and custom background images: a beautiful new wallpaper every day or your favorite wallpapers


– Ability to Hide (Unpin) Page Header

– Hide SMS preview from the perspective of others

– Added App drawer to better manage applications and widgets

– Run faster using less space launcher Rome

  • Android version required: 4.0.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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