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AppLock – Fingerprint v7.1.2 Direct Apk For Android

Download AppLock - Fingerprint 7.1.2 Smartphone Lock Software with Android Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint This application is an application for locking programs and protecting them by password, pattern and fingerprint.Facebook, WhatsApp, and your gallery apps by locking your password and saying that …

AppLock – Fingerprint This application is an application for locking programs and protecting them by password, pattern and fingerprint. Lock your Faebook, WhatsApp and your gallery apps with your password and prevent them from reaching out to curious people. In addition to the utility program, this software can take photographs of those who want to log in to some of the locked areas without permission. It can also lock the screen by opening a fake error window. This application is the most advanced application locking program. Try it now.

AppLock features – Fingerprint

Main features:
App Lock:
Lock apps with a single password to protect your privacy. For example, lock Messenger, WeChat, and other apps.
Catch intruders:
If someone accesses your programs, you will receive an oversight and send you an email.
finger print:
Convenient and powerful lock with fingerprint sensor (Samsung device or Android Marshmallow)
Fake lock
You can even keep the fact that you have locked the app using fake error.
Patterns at different scales
Patterns with 3×3 and 18×18 sizes are available in this software.
Smart Lock
When you connect to a specific Wi-Fi or Blutooth, your software will be locked automatically or at the specified time.
Few passwords
You can set a different password for each locked application.
Remote lock
You can remotely unlock your device using SMS.
Home screen lock
You can use this screen lock system instead of locking your phone’s screen.
Lock screen
You can prevent the screen from shutting down when you run specific programs (using the Internet, e-books).

Changes Version 7.1.2

* Minor updates and app fixes + New features


  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data: No

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