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Download game Angry Birds Angry Birds v6.0.6 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

Targeting and angry birds into pigs throw. The first series is one of the most popular smart device that won the game by the score of 4.4 is about 5 million users.

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Angry Birds left no one smartphone users who are not familiar with the game Angry Birds. No matter what operating system your device this very fun game in which angry birds using a slingshot thrown toward goals, and even with different gameplay in a variety of series offered in the Android world that an audience with fans and millions faced and no doubt that the Android platform is the first and most unique games. In this game you use the different capabilities of each bird to destroy the greedy pigs pay to play carefully targeted and unparalleled physics to your advantage to shoot arrows bow and throwing games and malicious account the different structures’ve done. Among the range of today’s most original Angry Birds game series and, of course, the usual site of its newest version of the beautiful game will put at your disposal venerable site.

This game is as wonderful a fun, engaging and popular Android operating system in the light arcades and a stage that has been made by Rovio Entertainment Game Studios. The title of the Android game due to having super fun and engaging gameplay can fascinate anyone and is among the best games on any operating system of the smart device placed. It is worth noting that the game has now won the super score of 4.4 over 4.5 million users all over the globe in the Google Play store.

Angry Birds features

– Contains over 240 fascinating and unique stage

– Unparalleled HD graphics with amazing characters and visual elements

– Ultra-realistic physics and admirable shooting and Archery

– Highly focus and challenge

– GUI and very beautiful location with a variety of non-recurring German

Version 6.0.6

– Fixed some minor problems

Changes in version 6.0.1:

– Presentation of the sixth edition of one of the world’s top games

– Added episode BirdDay with more than 15 varied stages

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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