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Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter v2.26.0 Direct Apk For Android

Download game Angry Birds: Shoot the bubbles Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter v2.26.0 Android - mobile mode version + trailer

Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter is one of the newest and most different series of the popular game Angry Birds! 4.3 score in the addictive gameplay of the salient features of this title.

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Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter game Angry Birds game series created by game company Rovio Entertainment has been made and now in the Google Play Store with a score of 4.2 is available for Android users.

A completely new game: as Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter mood and style quite new, and incredibly addictive puzzler is made. In this fun and addictive, using slingshots to shoot the bubble of pointed and precise, calculating it to explode.Strange creatures to save and to destroy the pigs.Strategic and conceptual style – intuitive game play challenging and satisfying to you a real sense of induction. Do not miss this beautiful and fun game.

Blow bubbles!

– Bubbles pigs bad wrist to stop sex and score big points gain

– 6 bubble pop a bubble simultaneously unlocks the power of the cloud

– Various power-ups and unlock

Enjoy the fun puzzles!

– Around Action gameplay: shooting bows and blow up your children start

– A variety of addictive puzzles to solve are available to you

– Converter and pop the bubbles to pass through difficult stages to master its own strategy to use

– The Golden Island map to surf and enjoy attractive graphics and sound notes

– You can connect to Facebook with your friends to challenge pay

– The display process also play friends online competition is hotter

– Ability to synchronize processes between different devices while you play there


Features of Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter

– Wrist bubbles and pop them as strange creatures to save the game and Piglet stop and the more points you

– Simultaneous blasts six of bubbles forming a cloud of bubbles will be matched

– Ability to use amplifiers with Unlock boosters during the process

– Action gameplay and speed operation

– Addictive puzzles such as the destruction of piglets, timer mode, and a number of other experience

– Raise your bubble shooting skills and your specific strategy to unlock the tricky game design

– To explore the Golden Island map elegant game with beautiful graphics and music pay

– The challenge and race against your Facebook friends to pay more concessions

– The ability to play on devices other information you provided is

Version 2.26.0

– Added 20 new levels to play

– Added a Halloween theme to play

Tips on the run game

– The regular version of the game on the phone with Android 5.1.1 Xperia Z1 is tested and safe.

– The game is run completely offline!

  • Name: Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter
  • Version: 2.26.0
  • Last update: October 15, 2016
  • Android version required: 4.1
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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