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Angry Birds Evolution v1.12.0 Direct Apk + Data For Android

Download Angry Birds Evolution 1.12.0 An Angry Birds Evolution Android + Data game

The newest episode of the Angry Birds series, which is based on a rhythmic style, with stunning graphics and graphic illustration, will keep you entertained for a long time

 Angry Birds Evolutionangry Birds

The latest version of the Angry Birds series is one of the most beautiful and fascinating. In the game Angry Birds Evolution you have to build a powerful team and fight the pigs with an epic battle.Interestingly, more than 300 new angry birds have been added to the game, which is an amazing figure. As stated above, the game is in a role-playing style and its environments are designed in 3D, with graphic design. The new and old Angry Birds series evolved and defeat the bad pigs by combining and upgrading their skills.

Angry Birds Evolution, with combinations of styles like action, humor, drama and exciting, can attract new and old fans of angry birds. The leading game is our special offer to your loved ones.

Build your own tribe and empower it by inviting friends and other players all over the world to gain valuable rewards by participating in the weekly tournament.

Welcome to Oinktagon, select your team and compete with other players around the world. With the advancement in the game, you can upgrade your team and improve your rank and league in the game. Remember that the League has provided you with more valuable awards.

Pigs have stolen eggs from birds again, but like the birds that have new members, pigs also have more than 90 bogeymens ready to fight birds. Fight them and defeat them.

There is something insidious and mysterious on the island of birds, and there are several questions for the birds. Experience Angry Birds Evolution with the mysteries of Birds Island and answer all the questions.


The Angry Birds Evolution game is a charming title in the style of the role played by the popular and renowned studio Rovio, and has been completely released in the Google Play Store. The leading game has also experienced a total score of 5.0 out of 5.0 and over 50 downloads.

Features of Angry Birds Evolution

– A charming and beautiful title from the Angry Birds Arcade series

– A variety of attractive locations with 3-D design

– Great graphics with lots of details

– More than 300 new types of angry birds

– More than 90 new types of bad pigs

– Fight pigs in fictional stages of the game

– Complete the weekly missions to get valuable prizes

– Fight other players to improve their rank and league

– Discover the secrets of the island and how they are formed

– Upgrading your team’s abilities and combining their skills during combat

– Build your own tribe and invite friends and other players to make it stronger

Changes Version 1.12.0

– Bug fixes and performance improvements

Changes Version

– Use iMessage stickers

– Improved dungeon

Changes Version 1.2.0:

– Added intro, new cuts and animations

– Added new skills in Super Evolution

– Added several new avatars

– Update dungeon maps

– Fix bugs and problems along with optimizing game performance

V1.8.0 version changes:

* Added new features + various optimizations.

 learn inistallation

Download the apk file and game data.

Extract the data file.

3. Put the folder that starts with com name in the internal memory of the device on the Android / Obb path.

4. Install the apk file and enjoy the game.

  • Android version required: 4.4
  • Need for rout: no
  • Requires Data:

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