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Software professional and powerful toolbox with more than 29 utility and supports 41 languages, covering a wide range of users and users from 230 countries.

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All-In-One Toolbox Pro (Cleaner) is a complete toolbox with 29 powerful tools to optimize and increase the efficiency of your phone. This program is designed to strengthen stick your phone, remove extra files and protect your privacy on your phone and access other people to prevent them. The program supports 41 languages to all Android users have access to the program. Installing the application presented no longer need to install applications optimized for Android phone or tablet is not. Software tools to reduce the need for users to install software in multiple designs. You use the Toolkit can get rid of extra software that occupies the memory of your device greatly reduces rid of it quickly.

All-In-One Toolbox Pro (Cleaner) presented by the developer AIO Toolbox Inc for Android users and has so far won super Rating 4.6 of 5 over 5 million downloads in Google Play and also won official have given.

With 10 plug-super functional and unique!

Features All-In-One Toolbox Pro

RAM memory

Using a blow to the temporary storage memory effectively clearing device and increased speed and lost phone system errors such as memory shortage warning, and or freeze Legg hitting rid. However, it is also somewhat reduced battery consumption.

– Clear cache files and Junk

A single tap progressive scan operations begun by program and by identifying and removing unnecessary files and useless, useless temporary files, unwanted APK files, empty folders, files remainder of the game and software cleared a significant amount of free storage space of the device.

– Processor Cooling

Phone and prevent excessive temperature detection CPU temperature using intelligent cooling system

– File Manager

With this tool easily to all files and folders stored on the SD card access and having features such as browse, copy, paste, move, delete, search, zip, unzip, create a file and a new folder, share, sort, create shortcuts, multiple choice, etc. identify large files easily control them.

Increase security and protect privacy

– Transfer games and software installed on an external memory card

Quick removal of sensitive personal data like SMS and contacts, browser history, clipboard data, passwords, etc.

– View a list of practical information including phone storage space, CPU, battery, display, network, Ruth and hardware items in one place easily

Quick access to system settings.

– View all available sensors

– Support for English, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Kurdish, Slovenian, Albanian and Turkish

Version 6.6

Reduced app size

– Remove the six access program to run lighter and greener

Add whitelist option for folders in the CleanFeatures

– Bug fixes tweaking Boot

Fixed the problem of withdrawal

– Full translation into 10 languages: Azerbaijani,Bulgarian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Kurdish, Slovenian, Albanian and Turkish

Changes in version 6.5:

– Supports landscape mode for tablets

Reduced app size

Improved multi-language support

Minor improvements

Changes in version 6.4.2:

– Enhanced Whitelist Clean

– Optimized user interface

Added Czech box with a choice of several largefile

– Added CPU cooler, please notification widget and shortcut

– Bug fixes Clean WiFi

– Complete translation in 6 languages

– Other fixes a bug in the program

Changes in version 6.2:

– Updated user interface

Added the ability to customize the tool to the menu page

– Bug fixes neglect plug

– Bug fixes missing files in File Manager

– Improved performance CPU cooler

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • Requires data: none

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