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Beautiful animated graphics with full quality CD Ache, role-playing gameplay is very fun and rich story line of this game could be one of the most fascinating role-playing games have become the Android operating system.

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ACE Academy story of the game occurs in 2049, when a new generation of robots called GEAR born and quickly penetrate the human life. This type of robots in military applications, but they first entered the entertainment and commercial activities as well.With the increasing development of the industry, an academic discipline called Cenorobotics caused.In the role of the main character who is supposed to take a trip to Japan to study in the field busy.Role-playing and adventure gameplay that its effects can be seen in the romantic comedy story.Attractive graphics and spectacular alongside the more interesting story line could be interested in this category of games surprise.

The storyline of the game will be quite unique because you have hundreds of choices and decision-making remain .. determine the outcome of the story is none other than your own!Branching paths for the storyline crafted games that appeal to redouble their gameplay. A wide variety of interesting and diverse characters you meet in the game, each of which in turn will have an impact on your destiny. The characters all have been beautifully designed and unmistakable terms to draw any user. With all this taken full HD quality graphics in this game is intended for all equations in the visual beauty of the game will change. If you are a fan fiction and role-playing games are the game Andrvydkdh special offer to you. It is not worthy champion of the game Academy is currentlypriced at $ 25 Google Play Store sold.


The game “Hero Academy” is a fascinating, fun and beautiful for Android is an operating system role-playing game genre that has been made by PixelFade Game Studios. The title of Android games due to a widely-acclaimed animated graphics, super-fun gameplay and storyline, stunning course can be a good option for lovers of RPGs. It is worth noting that the game has just been released in the Play store and is not registered yet to score for him.

Features of ACE Academy

– Animated graphics deserves full HD quality

– Sound characters voiced by an experienced team

– Very beautiful and rich storyline

– Despite hundreds of choices, determine the outcome of the game you

  • Android version required: 2.3.3
  • Need to Ruth: none
  • The need for data: Yes

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