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3C Toolbox Pro v1.8.1 Direct Apk For Android

Download Application Toolkit 3C Toolbox Pro v1.8.1 for Android - mobile trailer

Using tools such as functional professional software developer 3C optimizer, backup, file editor, amplifiers, etc. in a bag on the phone experience.

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3C Toolbox Pro Application Software Toolbox Pro for Android phones and tablets. 3C Toolbox is an application that any Android user has a rooted device must have on your device. It combines the features of other similar software is available and is a great apps in its place. As the name implies, this app you’re using a comprehensive and practical tool in a variety of Bsnh to your offers. The software used in the design of a modern user interface and all components are in place. So simple it is easy for all users from beginners to professionals. It’s lightweight you install software such as device management, task management, file management, program management, battery management, optimization, monitoring, backup, file editor, amplifiers, etc. will all together. We recommend that you do not miss this exceptional program! For the installation and use of the new features will be added to your smartphone.

Note: this app on rooted phones or with custom ROMs is the best performance.

3C Toolbox Pro by developer 3C supply and has so far scored a phenomenal 4.8 out of 5 on Google Play, and despite having a price of € 5.99 has been downloaded over 10 thousand times.

3C Toolbox Pro features

Special support for dual battery devices LG Quick Circle and Samsung Edge

Save battery and optimize performance

– To control the CPU and IO different profiles

– Configurable user interface for comfortable use

– A powerful tool for monitoring and device management applications

Very simple and yet very powerful file management tool

– Access the root file

Sorting files by date, size and type

Optimization of all applications and games

– View the status and battery health

– Provide practical information including voltage,duration, time and battery capacity Sharzhdhy

– Manage and control up to 8-core processors 1

Improve memory and increase the speed by changing various settings using the build.prop secret and sysctl editor

Add status bar notifications with graphics

– Fast switching functions include tools (WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) automatically or manually

– Ability to hide any of the tabs and items

Edit button in the main screen to the network 4X6

Automatic backup schedules and notification of new programs

Additional widgets: 2×1 text, 2×1-5×2 graphics, 4×1-1×4 Toggle and 4×4

No Ads

Version 1.8.1

– Fixed a bug loss of data backed

Compatibility update to Android Ruth N

Changes in version 1.7.9:

Improved storage permit application in the App Manager

– Bug fixes delete backups created in several versions

Changes in version 1.7.7:

Improved performance and lower 5 on Android task manager

Performance improvements choose to disablenotifications for

Fixed a bug in KitKat Access Statistics

– Fixed a bug of loading build.prop

– Bug fixes closure program management in some devices

Changes in version 1.7.6:

– View Statistics Lollipop not on rooted devices

– Partial support from the preview Android N

– Added value of Entropy in the widget

– Bug fixes and performance improvements program

Changes in version 1.7.5:

Big update for rooted devices

– Faster new features for rooted phones

  • Android version required: 2.3
  • Need to Ruth: Yes
  • Requires data: none

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